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10 Tips for Taking Care of Valuable Jewellery

10 tips for taking care of valuable jewellery No amount of watch or jewellery insurance can ever replace the emotional attachment attributed to your jewellery, so here are a few handy hints and tips to keep it safe, secure and sparkling!

Protecting Heirlooms

To you and your family your jewellery is precious beyond its monetary value. Valuable jewellery is often passed down through generations or bought to commemorate a special or life changing occasion. Steeped in memories and sentimental attachment, it is important to look after it and keep it safe, because to a thief, it is an opportunity plain and simple.

  • Periodically clean your jewellery in warm soapy water. Allow to soak, use a non-detergent soap and if necessary use a soft brush to remove dirt. Ideally dry using a soft, lint-free cloth.

  • ALWAYS use a bowl never the sink – avoid plugholes at all costs!

  • Avoid extended exposure to chlorine, particularly if your jewellery is gold, as over time this can cause damage.

  • Have valuable jewellery, particularly items containing precious stones such as diamonds, regularly checked by a trusted jeweller. They can check for possible loose stones and damage to prongs or clasps.

  • Keep a soft cloth handy to wipe off moisture and make-up from items you’ve been wearing, before storing. Then keep clean by wrapping in tissue or using a velvet or suede pouch or lined box.

  • Avoid advertising your valuables whereabouts to thieves by keeping it on display or in ornate jewellery boxes. Instead store valuable items in an inconspicuous location, preferably locked and of course with the keys in a separate location – NOT the previously mentioned decorative jewellery box – keep these for easy access to easily replaceable costume jewellery only.

  • When travelling never check your jewellery in with your luggage. Keep it with you at all times whilst in transit and once at your destination use either the hotel safe or your room safe. It’s easy on holiday to relax and forget your usual precautions, especially if you are staying in your own holiday home; be extra careful and never leave valuable items lying around.

  • It helps to treat valuable jewellery as you would a bundle of cash of the same value. Never leave it in plain view or allow children to play with it. Be mindful, especially if you take it off for any reason, the statistics for jewellery simply lost in the home are surprisingly high.

  • Despite your best efforts to keep your precious items safe, it is still vital to make sure you are adequately insured. Most standard home insurance policies don’t cover high valued pieces so be sure to check your policy.

  • Keep in mind that if you have a higher value home, have works of art or antiques, valuable watches or jewellery, then it may be advisable to seek out a higher value policy. These can insure an adequate level of cover and insure your items anywhere in the world.

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Insuring Your Jewellery

If you are looking for jewellery insurance quotes and feel that a higher value home policy may be appropriate, the process need not be any more complicated than taking out standard home insurance. Some companies which specialise in the provision of higher value insurance, for example Highworth Insurance, can arrange a suitable policy for you online or over the phone which automatically covers jewellery and watches up to £5,000.
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