Safe Deposit Insurance

Dedicated safe deposit box coverage

Protect your jewellery and valuables with safe deposit insurance

At Highworth Insurance we can offer dedicated safe deposit box insurance coverage. Designed to indemnify your valuables whilst in a bank safe deposit box or temporarily removed.

If you’ve placed your expensive jewellery and valuables in a bank safe deposit box then you’ve taken a sensible precaution rather than leaving them in your home. However, your items may not be fully insured whilst in a safe deposit box. You may also wish to periodically remove items, such as jewellery to wear at a special occasion, during which time cover is also required.

Wear your jewellery with confidence knowing you’re fully insured
Many people keep their expensive jewellery in a safe deposit box, but are fearful of wearing valuable items in case they are damaged or stolen.

At Highworth Insurance we can reduce this stress by ensuring that your valuables are protected at all times, using a variety of policies available to us. Our insurance for safe deposit boxes is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that a bespoke insurance solution has been tailored to you, the nature and value of your items and how frequently they are removed from your safe deposit box.

We can offer a number of specialist schemes which include:

  • Stand-alone insurance cover independent of your home insurance
  • Incorporation into a high value home insurance product

Insurance for safe deposit boxes
Valuables in a safe deposit box can be cost effectively covered within your high value home insurance policy.

Highworth Insurance can provide safe deposit insurance within a home insurance policy at very competitive prices. Insurance solutions can include:

  • Very competitive premiums for items kept in a bank safe deposit box
  • Ability to temporarily withdraw and wear valuables items, for example for weddings, festivals and special occasions
  • Worldwide all risks cover for items whilst withdrawn from the deposit box
  • No requirement to specify any items valued below £5,000. They are automatically covered
  • Up to £10,000 of unspecified personal possessions cover available

Our specialist advisors can advise on all aspects of insurance for safe deposit boxes, the correct level of cover for you and the best available rates.

Not all options are available on all policies. Please carefully check your policy summary and policy wording for the exact cover available through your specific policy.

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