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Grade 2 Listed Building Insurance

Do you need insurance for a Grade 2 listed building? It’s unlikely that a standard insurance policy will provide the cover you require. Specialist insurers Highworth Insurance are experienced in this area and can help.

Why do you need specialist Grade II listed building insurance?

Because Grade II properties often exceed the standard costs insurers use to calculate the rebuild and repair of a standard home. This is due to:

  • Additional, skilled labour costs
  • The requirement for the use of non-standard materials
  • Extended timescales for the completion of the work, often due to regulatory requirements

Should you need to vacate your property, it is important that your policy also covers this expense, especially since work to a Grade 2 listed building can take longer than on standard builds.

Why specialist contents cover often applies to Grade 2 listed building insurance

One of the drawbacks to living in a Grade II listed building are the restrictions often applicable to securing your home. Insurers are aware that many of the following modern security measures are often no permitted on Grade 2 listed buildings:

  • Double glazing
  • Standard modern locks on doors and windows
  • Bright security lighting

Whether your property is listed or not, if you are keeping valuable items such as collections of jewellery, art or antiques at your home, then you really need a specialist policy.

At Highworth Insurance our specialist advisors are well equipped to advise on any of these matters and can help find you a Grade 2 listed building insurance policy suited to you, your home and your contents.

Grade 2 listed insurance tailored to your property

Our specialist advisors at Highworth Insurance understand exactly what is required of a Grade II listing building insurance policy. They are experienced with all aspects of insuring non-standard builds and are very familiar with the provision of specialist cover for possessions, collections and valuables.

If you are looking for Grade 2 listed insurance, then speak with Highworth Insurance, to find the best levels of cover at very competitive premiums.

We advise you to carefully check your policy summary and policy wording for the exact cover applicable to you. Please feel free to speak to our knowledgeable advisors should you require any assistance.

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