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Top 5 expensive engagement ring brands

Whether you are dreaming of your perfect engagement ring, the ring you would love to buy that special lady in your life or simply looking for inspiration, it never hurts to consider the leading contenders in the market. The top 5 engagement ring brands are famous around the world for their prestige, dazzling quality and the feeling of pride and that comes with owning the likes of a Cartier engagement ring, or proposing with a Tiffany engagement ring.

For many the combination of the ring, the sentiment, the precious stones and of course the prestigious name, is simply priceless. However, they do of course come with a substantial price tag. Therefore if you are buying or have bought an engagement ring from a distinguished jewellery or fashion house make sure you source suitable insurance for engagement ring UK, before you ask the big question.

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Just to help you out, below are a few interesting facts about our top 5 expensive engagement rings brands.

De Beers
A South African company famous for phenomenal influence over the diamond market. De Beers first formed in 1888 and in 1889 uncovered the remarkable De Beers Diamond. This remains the 4th largest cut diamond in the world at a staggering 228.5 carats. The De Beers Azulea Collection are currently considered excellent engagement rings.

Formed in France in 1847, a Cartier engagement ring is synonymous with style and excellence. They have designed some truly inspirational jewellery over the years and have been made famous for engagement rings by the following creations: The Laniéres, Déclaration and Entreláces Cartier rings.

An Italian company founded in 1884 Bulgari has becoming increasingly celebrated due to connections with the rich and famous. Recently perhaps the most famous Bulgari engagement ring, the Bulgari Emerald Suite Ring was sold at auction for $3,330,500 – this ring is more commonly known as the Taylor Burton Fiancée ring and was famously given to Elizabeth Taylor in 1962 by Richard Burton.

Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany & Co. was formed in 1837 in the USA. The classic Tiffany engagement ring, with its celebrated 6 prongs, raised above the band to expose the diamond to more light, is in itself iconic in the world of engagement rings and the stuff of fantasy for many brides to be. Tiffany’s are also the proud owners of the 128.54 carat Tiffany Diamond.

Chanel Fine Jewellery was first established in France in 1932 by Gabrielle Chanel herself and has recently celebrated the 80th anniversary of her first collection “Bijoux de diamants”. Lately it has gained recognition for adorning star Keira Knightley in her lead role in Anna Karenina. 

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Insurance for engagement ring in UK

All of the above brands, designers and fashion houses have high quality, precious stones at the heart of their success. They are at once a thing of value and of great beauty. Combine this with stunning design and a romantic proposal and they are completely irreplaceable.

Whether you chose French chic with the Houses of Chanel or Cartier, American beauty with a Tiffany engagement ring, Italian glamour with Bulgari or the raw purity of  De Beers diamond, whichever county you propose in, you certainly increase your chances of getting the answer you hope for. Just be sure when you’re back in the UK you have the correct level of insurance in place for such an exquisite ring.

Gabrielle Chanel when asked why she chose diamonds for her first collection replied “because they represent the highest value in the smallest volume.” They certainly do and therefore insurance is all the more crucial. If you are looking to insure a valuable ring, you can speak to our Specialist Advisors at Highworth Insurance. Experts in the provision of high value polices on all jewellery, they can advise of the best levels of cover and the best competitive rates. Call today for more information or to arrange protection for your engagement ring.