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Childminder home insurance and liability cover

Childminders insurance packages created to care for you

At Highworth Insurance we understand the requirements of childminder insurance and the insurance needs of those in the child care profession – particularly when working from your own home. So whether you care for a couple of children or twelve with registered assistants or helpers, we can help you.

We can put together the childminding insurance package you require:

  • Home buildings and contents insurance to include running a childminding business, without unrealistic restrictions – even expensive jewellery covered
  • Public liability insurance to cover injury to a child or to others
  • Employer’s liability insurance to cover anyone assisting you in the course of your business
  • Legal expenses support, for example in the event of a breach of the Health and Safety at work act 1974
  • Damage or loss to other’s property

A childminders insurance package that makes sure you’re covered

All childminders know that it’s a legal requirement to have public liability insurance to cover their activities as a childminder. It’s particularly important that any policy covers the specific requirements of childminding. However, some may not be aware that their home policy may become invalid unless their business use is specifically covered. In addition, the liabilities increase once additional assistants and helpers are taken on. The requirement for employees liability cover becomes a necessity as your home becomes a place of work for others too.

Dependent upon your circumstances you can select the elements of cover that meet your needs:

  • Buildings insurance – full standard cover with options to include accidental damage such as breaking sanitary wear or putting a foot through a ceiling.
  • Contents insurance – full standard cover to include accidental damage.
  • Jewellery insurance – if you have expensive jewellery then there’s no need to worry. Remember, most insurers won’t cover expensive jewellery if you’re operating a business with people visiting your home. We can either include your jewellery in a specialist childminding insurance policy or offer one of our standalone jewellery insurance policies.
  • Public liability insurance that ensures your legal obligations are covered and that you don’t have to fret should the worst happen.
  • Employee’s liability insurance – once you take on additional help you technically become an employer. You also take on the liabilities associated with being an employer such as meeting the requirements of the Health and Safety at work act 1974. People subject to these claims could be anybody – whether a paid registered assistant or an unpaid student helping as part of their work experience.
  • Damage or loss to others property.
Whatever the scale or type of your childminding activities, at Highworth Insurance we can provide a childminding insurance policy designed to protect both you and your home. Our Specialist Advisors can advise on home insurance for childminders and help create a policy that provides the reassurance you need, at realistic prices.

Kindly be advised that not all options are available on all policies. We recommend that you carefully check your policy summary and policy wording for the exact cover applicable to your circumstances.

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