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Why have worldwide watch insurance cover?

why have worldwide watch insurance cover[intro] For the peace of mind that comes with knowing your watch is insured, wherever you travel and for any length of time. Owning an expensive wristwatch is a joy; losing one need not be a headache, just do the sensible thing and arrange adequate insurance as soon as you acquire it.

This is no more difficult than buying the watch itself, plus if you’re clever and source the right policy, you can cover all your family’s valuables at once, anywhere in the world and on an all risks basis. Highworth Insurance are experts in this field. Specialist Advisors can provide comprehensive policies and advise on all aspects of insuring expensive watches, jewellery and other valuables and competitive rates. [/intro]

Because you never know where life might take you…

Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, or perhaps enjoy a second home abroad, if you are going to be out of the country for more than 30 days, a standard home and contents insurance policy comes nowhere close to providing the level of cover you would require on a prestige name brand such as Rolex, Tag or Breitling.

Single item policies can be a solution but can be expensive and restrictive from some providers.  Inclusion onto a home and contents policy can offer far greater value for money than single item insurance, however not all polices are the same. Make sure you read the small print; the following are not uncommon limitations applicable to standard policies:

  • Limits on the amount paid out for all valuables, often only £10,000
  • Restrictions on the length of time an item can be out of the country
  • Provisos, such as the watch must worn at all times
  • Only 30 days worth of cover 
  • Claims handled in overseas call centres
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Why worldwide cover?

Statistically watches are more susceptible to accidental loss, theft or damage when abroad. Although the majority of high worth watches are designed to be practically indestructible in terms of water, pressure or accidental damage, none of them are fool proof and they are certainly not child proof. Outside of your normal routine and environment, it becomes far easier to slip your watch off and level it on the beach or beside the pool. Also on holiday none of your usual home security measures are in place and tourists are open targets to thieves, especially when wearing expensive watches.

[intro]All jewellery should be worn and enjoyed. There is no need to leave your valuables locked away at home when you travel, just make sure you have comprehensive worldwide cover built into your insurance policy. Depending on the value of the items you’d like to include, a high value policy could well offer the highest levels of cover at the most competitive prices. Call Highworth Insurance today to find out more or to arrange cover.[/intro]