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Top Watch Brands For Men

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Top watch brands for men[intro]You might think an article titled ‘top watch brands for men’ would be a breeze to write. Fun to research certainly, but a walk in the park it is not. Given the subtle undertones, influence of popular culture, variances in personal taste, the experts opinion verse the subversive movement, even an experienced horologist would struggle to do justice to this subject.

On the surface you may feel a watch is just a watch, a bottle of wine is simply wine or a good cigar is purely a good smoke, but when you enter the world of collector and connoisseur, be prepared for a whole new education on these subjects.[/intro]

Not Simply The Humble Wrist Watch

When it comes to quality timepieces, you’re talking luxury, serious money, investment and prestige. This is all mixed together with a hefty degree of insider knowledge, current trend verses traditional craftsmanship, brand, technology, state of the art materials, precious stones and metals, renown designers, up and coming names (and of course, snobbery) – honestly open the lid on the nuisances of designer watch brands and you’ll leave any top fashion house for dust, (perhaps this is why so many big fashion houses have entered into the world of horology).

Luxury Watches for Dummies

Nevertheless, in a bid to make sense of top watch brands without stumbling on any major faux pas (watch enthusiasts can be extremely passionate on this subject, so far be it from me to confuse a Rolex with a Armin Strom) I have decided to provide the novice reader with lists derived from type and ‘genre’ if you will, so as not to step on too many toes.

And so (in no particular order) here goes….

Big Names

[bullet_list id=1703]

Fashion Names

[bullet_list id=1713]

Serious Collectors Pieces

[bullet_list id=1719]

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A word on insurance

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