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Top 5 Timber Framed Houses

As specialist insurers of timber framed homes, Highworth Insurance are familiar with the impressive qualities of these unique homes. We thought we’d compile our top 5 timber framed providers, designers and builders of prefab and turn-key homes in the UK today.

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Huf Haus -Exclusive and desirable

Huf Haus are perhaps the most famous name in prefab timber frame homes. This remarkable family-run business has been operating successfully out of Germany for over 100 years. Known for their cutting edge use of glass, steel and post and beam engineering, Huf Houses are notably light and airy, primarily due to the negation of load bearing internal walls. Known as the Rolls Royce of kit homes, interestingly Huf Haus only build 500 homes per year, with only 20 to 30 of these allocated to the UK. This exclusivity renders these beautiful homes all the more desirable.


WeberHaus – The beauty of energy efficiency

Similar to Huf Haus, WeberHaus are also a German company. Today’s timber framed homes are remarkably energy efficient and this is something WeberHaus are particularly passionate about. Eco features available in the majority of designs include: remarkably high insulation, triple – argon filled glazing, heat pumps and photovoltaic panels. Cheaper running costs and a reduced carbon footprint sit along comfort and style in these purpose build eco homes.




Dan-Wood- Prefab on a large scale 

Dan-Wood are a Polish company that produce around 1,000 turnkey homes per year. They have 50 standard designs that they can tailor to your specific needs. As with all of these companies, works run remarkably smoothly; the complete build process operating on a tried and tested model and executed down to the last tack and door handle. Because of this, costs can be fixed to avoid any unnecessary surprises.


ScotHaus – Something a little closer to home

ScotHaus offer bespoke turnkey and self-build homes, designed and manufactured in Cumbernauld, Scotland. An experienced UK based company, they offer to design a home perfectly in keeping with the landscape; offering bespoke, flexible designs incorporating all the engineering excellence you’d expected from a custom built timber framed home.


The Complete Oak Home – Something a little bit different

The Complete Oak Home company do precisely what the name suggests – design, manufacture and construct timber framed homes made out of oak. Based in the UK, in Wiltshire, they offer a complete hand-held service. Needless to say, they are passionate about, and highly experienced in creating bespoke oak homes.

Top Tip: If you are having a timber framed house built, be sure that your design is compliant with the Passivhaus Standard. This is an internationally regarded eco-build standard and a great indicator of impeccable energy efficient engineering.


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If you are lucky enough to live in a timber framed home or are thinking of buying one and need timber framed house insurance, Highworth Insurance can help. Experienced in all aspects of timber framed house insurance, our knowledgeable and specialist advisors can provide a tailor made policy based on the unique requirements of your bespoke home. Call us today on: 012020 937430 to find out more.