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Top 10 Rolex Watches

Top 10 Rolex watches[intro]A Rolex is a personal and much loved item, so it is important to stress that this list is entirely arbitrary; subject to the influences of personal taste, celebrity and sports endorsements, history, rarity, etc. Rolex owners feel very passionately on this subject and quite rightly too. There is no definitive answer and there could easily be a multitude of sub-lists, such as the top 10 Rolex watches for women, the top 10 most collectable Rolex models and so on.
To keep things simple, this article focuses on Rolex models, not specific Rolex watches, of which there are thousands.
With a glittering history of war-time Great Escapes, motor sport, tennis, golf, incredible maritime adventures and even James Bond, there really is no mistaking a Rolex. Not surprisingly Rolex is the largest luxury watch brand in the world. The 10 most formidable Rolex models in the minds of many are as follows: [/intro]

top 10 rolex watches

Top 10 Rolex Watches Listed

Sea Dweller

Considered by many as the ultimate diving watch, vintage models have an underwater diving depth rating of 610 metres (2,000 ft) and the latest models an impressive 3,900 metres (12,800 ft).


Most famous for appearing in 11 James Bond Films, the Submariner is considered a ‘true’ diving watch. Waterproof to a maximum depth of 300 metres (980 ft). The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner was first unveiled to the public in 1954.


Engineered with a highly accurate quartz movement, it is estimated that only 25,000 of these were ever made and they have quite a following in their own right.


These are particularly collectable, especially vintage models and in particular those with the ‘Paul Newman’ dial.

GMT-Master II

Originally designed for use by Pan Am Airways pilots and navigators, the GMT-Master was first released in 1954. The GMT-Master II was launched in 2007.

Yacht-Master II

This is a sports watch first developed in 2010 and as its name would suggest, it’s extremely popular amongst the sailing fraternity.


Awarded to US Air Force pilots returning from combat missions and warn by Chuck Yeager when he broke the sound barrier, the Datejust is steeped in an exciting past and formed the foundation for the subsequent Submariner and Sea Dweller models.

Explorer II

Originally designed for Sir Edmund Hilary’s expedition to climb Mount Everest, the Explorer II is worn by explorers and adventures the world over – it’s 24 hour hand enabling the intrepid to distinguish night from day.


First introduced in 1956 the Milgauss can withstand a magnetic flux density of 1,000 gauss. Designed as an antimagnetic watch for professions where electromagnetic fields can cause havoc with timekeeping, for example when working in power plants, medical facilities and research labs.


Famous for being the first watch to display both the date as well as the day, in its entirety.

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Did you know…

Rolex has its own foundry where it makes its own gold, thus enabling total control over the quality of the gold and the facilities to create new alloys?

How to insure a Rolex

Whichever model you are lucky enough to own, there will always be a need to insure it correctly. The general consensus amongst Rolex owners is to list it on a home contents policy, but for many this feels woefully inadequate. Nevertheless it is still the best advice as it can be exceptionally costly to take out single item insurance.
The perfect solution is to take out a higher value home insurance policy. Although higher in price, the difference is far more competitive than a single item premium and you get increased value across the board; covering all valuables anywhere in the world, greater home and contents cover and peace of mind for your Rolex. It is possible to buy a higher value home policy online, for example Highworth Home Insurance will insure all valuables on an all ricks basis, anywhere in the world, up to £25,000 online. Items with a value less that £5,000 don’t even require listing!