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Subsidence Insurance and the current heatwave

With temperatures soaring to 33 °C across the UK, the current heatwave is setting records for temperatures reached in June which haven’t been seen for the past 20 years. As welcome as the summer sun is, the thunderstorms and heavy rain predicted in the coming weeks could well prove a blessing in disguise for many UK home owners.


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The link between subsidence insurance and heatwaves

Very often national heatwaves lead to a significant rise in subsidence insurance claims. This is simply the laws of physics in action:


High temperatures + low rainfall + thirsty trees
= dried out soil and an increase in recorded subsidence claims


In truth, it is not so much the heatwave that is to blame for this phenomena, as the lack of rain. Experts have long been warning of the increasing effects of climate change on our lives and indeed the homes we live in. However with rain imminent, this current heatwave is set to pose no immediate threat to UK homes.


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Subsidence insurance and the factors at play

A lack to rain is not the only contributing factor to occurrences of subsidence. Some risk factors can be controlled, whilst others can’t. High levels of clay in the soil for example, has led to higher rates of subsidence to homes in Central and the South East of England when compared to other parts of the UK.

However, around 70% of subsidence cases are linked to a few species of quick growing, large trees and shrubs, very often planted in proximity considered to be too close to property. Planting trees and shrubs too close to your property or to your neighbour’s property, is a significant contributing factor to subsidence, which is considerably aggravated during heatwaves and long dry spells.


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Finding the right subsidence insurance

With more and more homes being built, the accumulating effects of climate change and developments in the technology and techniques used to correct the effects of subsidence, although a costly and stressful occurrence, subsidence is not the nightmare many assume it to be. With the correct level of insurance in place, subsidence can be dealt with professionally and with care; restoring and securing your home for the future.


In the past securing a competitive premium for an underpinned home has been difficult and is largely responsible for much of the resistance from potential buyers to homes with a history of subsidence. However, at Highworth Insurance we assess each policy on a case-by-case basis, enabling us to tailor a quote for your property which takes into account extenuating circumstances, remedial works and any preventative measures you may have put in place.


For a competitive and knowledgeable quote for subsidence insurance, you can speak to any one of our Account Managers on: 01202 937430.