Stamp and Coin Insurance

Specialist cover for collectors and dealers

Stamp and coin insurance for private collectors and dealers

Highworth insurance specialise in covering the stamp and coin insurance markets. We have a number of options for private collectors, including stand-alone insurance and inclusion within a high value home insurance policy. Our expertise includes insurance for coin and stamp dealers too.

At Highworth Insurance we are familiar with insurance products for stamp and coin collectors; we understand the market and can give valued and informed advice based on our experience. Depending on circumstances, collections and details of items to be insured, there are a variety of specialist coin insurance and stamp insurance schemes we can recommend.

Private Collectors
We can offer stand-alone insurance as well as the ability to incorporate stamps and coins under a high value home insurance policy. Both options have their separate merits and dependent on what you require, we can advise which route would be the most beneficial for you.

Stand-alone stamp and coin insurance
We offer stand-alone stamp and coin insurance which is independent of your home insurance. Each policy is tailored to your unique collection. Benefits of this type of policy can include:

  • Cover for accidental damage and theft
  • Items covered at the premises that you specify and elsewhere for up to 90 consecutive days
  • Valuations can be on an agreed value or market value basis
  • Extend the cover for your new acquisitions. Receive immediate cover, just let us know within 60 days of acquisition

Stamps and coins covered within a high value home insurance policy
At Highworth Insurance we have a select range of high value home insurance policies. These can provide a high level of cover at very competitive prices. Cover can include:

  • Worldwide, all risks cover
  • Automatic cover for any item below £15,000 with no need to specify
  • Very competitive premiums when incorporated in the home policy

Tailored cover for stamp and coin dealers
We tailor policies to suit individual circumstances and can include the following aspects of insurance coverage within our range of policies.

Cover for stock that is for sale, owned by you but not for sale, held in trust, in transit and for sale at auction.

Business interruption
It’s never a pleasant experience if your business is disrupted by unforeseen circumstances. We can indemnify against loss of revenue or the increase cost of working for longer than an agreed period. Our policies can cover a range of circumstances including; damage at your premises or to property and accidental failure of electricity, gas or water for over 24 hours.

Up to £250,000 of non-negotiable money such as credit card vouchers and cheques can be provided, with up £5,000 of cash cover.

Personal Assault
In the event of a robbery or attempted robbery, we can provide cover for you, members of your family, employees and volunteers under your direct control. Also, dependent upon the nature of any injuries suffered, policies can cover up to £10,000 or £100 per week for 104 weeks.

Liability Insurance
Additional cover can be set up to insure an array of liabilities, such as:

  • Public liability –injury to persons and loss or damage to property
  • Employers liability – legal liability up to £10m for injuries to employees
  • Products liability – legal liability through the sale or supply of goods in the UK

If you are a stamp or coin collector or dealer, our experienced advisors at Highworth Insurance will be happy to help, advise and discuss you insurance requirements with you. They can then source comprehensive stamp insurance and/or coin insurance at very competitive rates; ensuring that you have the precise level of cover you need, at the right price.

Please be aware that not all options are available on all policies. Carefully check your policy summary and policy wording for the exact cover available for your circumstances.

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