Specialist Insurance

For valuables and collectables

Specialist items require a specialist insurer.

At Highworth Insurance we have a selection of policy options designed to provide comprehensive cover for a variety of high value items and collections. These include; art insurance, wine insurance and insurance for musical instruments. For an extensive list please see details below. Alternatively call to speak to one of our experienced advisors.

When it comes to valuable and collectable items, at Highworth Insurance we believe in offering our clients choice. We offer a range of attractive stand-alone policies, alongside the option to cover items within our High Value Home Insurance policies.

We provide high levels of cover, at competitive premiums and tailored to suit your particular interests, hobbies and enthusiasms. Areas of expertise include:

  • Art Insurance
  • Wine Insurance
  • Stamp and Coin Insurance
  • Model Insurance
  • Antique Insurance
  • Musical Instrument Insurance
  • Safety deposit box insurance

Art Insurance
At Highworth Insurance we can provide comprehensive levels of insurance to the art world; from the passions of a private collector to the insurance requirements of art dealers, art galleries and auction houses. Policies invariably include up to 90 days consecutive cover outside the pieces primary location, with often no need to specify artwork less than £15,000. Our solutions for the art insurance market can cover all of the following:

  • Art exhibition insurance
  • Museum insurance
  • Art gallery insurance
  • Art dealer insurance
  • Art auctioneer insurance
  • Insurance for companies wishing to display art
  • Private collector insurance


Wine Insurance
Aware of the finer requirements of the wine collector, we offer comprehensive wine insurance policies, providing cover both within your home or stored an independent wine storage facility. Cover up to £1,000,000 can be arranged, with cover up to £20,000 available immediately.


Stamp and Coin InsuranceHighworth Insurance can provide insurance to both private collectors and stamp and coin dealers. Items can by insured at their permanent residence as well as anywhere outside of this for up to 90 consecutive days.


Model Insurance
Whether you wish to insure a model railway, model boat or aeroplane, at Highworth Insurance we are experienced in providing comprehensive insurance to avid model and replicas makers and collectors alike. Covered for loss and theft, you can choose to include immediate cover for newly acquired models. For further details please contact our knowledgeable advisors.


Antique Insurance
We can provide stand-alone insurance or inclusion of antiques within a high value home insurance policy. Both of these have significant benefits and offer you the highest levels of insurance and the peace of mind that comes with it. Valuations can be on an agreed or market value basis and you may choose to include immediate cover for additional purchases, simply inform us within 60 days.


Musical Instrument Insurance
With a Highworth Insurance insuring your musical instruments, you can choice to reduce costs by limiting the geographical constraints of the instruments, for example, worldwide cover, insured just within Western Europe or just within the UK. As well as no excess you may have the right to repurchase any recovered items subsequent to a claim.


Safety deposit box insurance
Enjoy additional peace of mind knowing that your valuables are insured whilst within a safety deposit box, but also during periods when temporarily removed. Cover can be provided on a worldwide, all risks basis, with items worth less than £5,000 automatically covered.


If you are the owner of any of the specialist items listed above, then you can be assured that with cover from Highworth Insurance, they are in safe hands. Should you wish to know more about the full advantages of our specialist insurance policies or would like advice on the best policy to suit you, then you can call our friendly, UK based advisors who will happily to talk you through the various policies available and the best solution for you.

Although every effort is made to mould policies to your individual circumstances, kindly be aware that not all options are available on all policies. We advise you to carefully check your policy summary and policy wording for the exact cover applicable to you. Please feel free to speak to our knowledgeable advisors should you require any assistance.

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