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Romantic Engagement Ideas

[intro]You’ve made the decision to ask The Big question. Chances are you’ve already bought the ring, but how to create that once in a lifetime moment, that she will doubtless relive and recount for the rest of her life? It’s a big responsibility; it’s the springboard, hopefully, to a long and happy married life together, but mess it up and would you ever live it down? [/intro]

So, where to begin? Well first step (just in case things don’t go to plan) is to insure the engagement ring. Hopefully costing at least one month’s salary, the ring is too large an investment to take chances with. It’s advisable if you’re planning on creating, or perhaps just waiting, for that perfect moment to ask the question, that you get insurance in place long before she puts it on her finger. This is peace of mind for her as well as you; after she agrees to be your wife, the last thing she wants to do is loose the ring! Telling her that you still need to arrange insurance not only increases her stress, but somewhat kills the romance.  

Just to help get you in mood, below are a selection of romantic proposal suggestions, some more realistic than others, but all designed to have the best effect:

  • Romantic mystery
    Create a treasure hunt with the prize at the end being you with the ring. This can be anywhere; your home town, favourite holiday spot, a picturesque European city, even your own home. You can leave physical clues or simply text them to her as she finds them, just make them as romantic as possible and keep her wanting more.
  • Flare for the theatrical
    Take her to see a favourite show and arrange to come onstage after the curtain call, or arrange for your proposal to be shown as an advert before the main feature at your local cinema, just make sure you get there in plenty of time and book tickets for something romantic. You could really go all out and arrange an all singing, all dancing flash-bomb inspired proposal or recreate a famous proposal scene from a favourite movie.
  • Sky high
    Arrange a romantic stroll, lunch or perhaps a picnic and hire a skywriter to write your message in the air! Timing and weather are everything for this to work, so put some time into the planning. Alternatively take her away for a passionate weekend and propose over the planes speaker system. If she doesn’t mind heights, the London eye, the Eiffel Tower or a surprise hot air balloon trip are all good ideas as well.
  • Holidaying Abroad
    A holiday can be the perfect time to propose; you are both relaxed, somewhere beautiful and free from the strains of everyday life. Plus if it’s good enough for Prince William…. Choose your destination carefully; whether it’s the wilds of Africa, golden sands or roaring log fires, it’s bound to have a special place in both your hearts for years to come and could even be a honeymoon destination.
  • Say it with words
    There is a lot of scope for creativity with this. Take out a full page ad in a paper she regularly reads. Slip a love note inside the book she is currently reading. Create a webpage and send her the link. Arrange for friends or family to all hold up a card or wear a t-shirt with a letter on, which when arranged in the correct order spells out your questions. Take her for an intimate walk along the beach and write it in the sand. Arrange the words in petals on her pillow…
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Make it Perfect

Wherever or however you propose, here are a few little finishing touches that can make all the difference:

  • Make sure someone is standing by to take some all important engagement photos. She is going to want to remember this moment forever and it’s just not the same if you have to do it again for the camera.
  • Have a phone standing by, especially if you propose abroad or just the two of you. After all the excitement the first thing she will be desperate to do is phone friends and family. 
  • Give her a voucher for a manicure. She is going to want to show off the ring on her hand to everyone and nothing sets off a diamond like a French polish.

Don’t forget the insurance

Many engagement rings are slightly too big, this avoids any embarrassment when placing it on her finger, but remember she won’t be accustomed to wearing jewellery on her ring finger and she’ll be nervous and excited; if you propose abroad, or she travels at all, she will need worldwide cover.

Depending on the value of the engagement ring, consider taking out a specialist higher value policy. At Highworth Insurance Specialist Advisors are on hand to discuss any questions regarding the best ways to insure an engagement ring, together with the best rates and levels of cover for your particular circumstances.