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Premium Home Insurance: Home Gym

[intro]Having a purpose built home gym designed and installed in your home is a premier home improvement with clear advantages. No more commuting to the gym and no more waiting for others to finish with the equipment. The whole space can be tailored to your specific preferences and enjoyed by you and your family whenever convenient.[/intro]

Some things to consider when installing a home gym

There are many companies in the UK which specialise in the design and build of home gyms and which can also provide personal training, tips, help and advice along the way.

If you are thinking on converting a room in your house, extending your property or even installing a ‘Gym Lodge’ in your garden, there are a few key things to consider during the planning phase:

  • Lighting – make sure the space will be as light and airy as possible. Not only does this look better, but it has a significant impact on motivation and the quality of your workout.
  • Space – make sure you have enough space for what you are planning and chose your home gym equipment and its placement very carefully. This is where using a professional firm really becomes worthwhile.
  • Ventilation – this almost goes without saying, but make sure there is suitable ventilation given the purpose of the room and possibly air conditioning.
  • Electrical Sockets – don’t forget that machines will need to be plugged in, so pay particular attention to the number and placement of electrical points.
  • Structural Engineering – with any purpose built space it can never hurt to talk to an expert. With home gyms especially it may be wise to consult with a structural engineer to check that the floors, supporting walks and even door-frames are capable of taking the strain.
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Once you have your home gym built it is time to stock it with the latest and greatest gym equipment which really speaks to you in terms of design and functionality. Here are Highworth Insurances’ top five manufactures of sports equipment available in the UK:

Life Fitness – a recognised leader in the fitness industry, Life Fitness have been manufacturing home gym equipment for over 40 years.

Everlast – Mainstream suppliers of all aspects of gym and home fitness equipment, originally synonymous with boxing and fighting sports.

Inspire Fitness – Global manufacturers of fitness equipment, well known and used worldwide

NordicTrack – High-quality fitness equipment integrated with the latest technology. Known for ergonomic design and attention to detail.

Technogym – State of the art equipment with a uniquely recognisable design.

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Don’t Forget Premium Home Insurance

If you own a premium home and especially if you have invested in a home gym facility, make sure that your home and equipment are properly covered by Premium Home Insurance. You can discuss your specific requirements with our trained advisors, so that we can design a policy as unique as your home. Highworth Insurance are specialist insurers for high value homes and as such are experienced in providing flexible and competitive cover for premium homes and their contents. Call us to today on 01202 937430.