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Premier Home Improvements

[intro]Planning any home improvements on a large scale, is an exciting undertaking. Whether you are employing architects, designers, technical experts or all three, the project is likely to consume a lot of your time and energy.[/intro]

Whilst many companies and professionals in the UK cater for the premier home improvement market, it is important to see passed the marketing and remember that ultimately with a premier home improvement project, you are paying for professional and experienced workmanship, premium quality materials and a relentless attention to detail. If these projects do not significantly improve the quality of the time you spend at home and the value of the property, then they have failed.

Premier Living Spaces

Many home improvements are based around expansion and the maximising of space. Maybe you are planning a new designer kitchen or bathroom, or a state-of-the-art walk-in-wardrobe. It is worth investing in design bespoke to your home. This is even more true of structural changes such as building an annex, extension or loft conversion.

With the move towards open living spaces which combine kitchen, dining and family areas, the orangery is also becoming a popular and functional method of extending your home, giving you additional space and light. Any building project designed to provide additional living space, also affords the ideal opportunity incorporate bespoke joinery and architectural storage solutions designed specifically for your home and living space.

Premier leisure options for your home

When it comes to creating purpose built rooms purely for leisure activities, the world of premier home improvements really gets exciting. Why not invest in your own home gym, leisure suite or swimming pool? Alongside plans for the archetypal ‘man-cave’ complete with big screen, surround sound, snooker table and bar, you will find companies who specialise solely in this area, or similarly in the design and creation of unique home cinema systems and entertainment spaces

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Premier technology for your home

Premier homes today are so much more than bricks and mortar on an impressive scale. Today’s premier homes are clever and truly interactive. Smart home systems will let you control everything in your home at the touch of a button on your phone or iPad. The latest in home automation systems control everything from lighting, heating and multi-room audio to security systems and can even run a bath ready for when you step through the door!

Expanding your external world

Professionally designed and landscaped gardens are as much a part of your living space as your home. Designers, gardeners and landscapers alike can work wonders on the peripheries of your home, bringing the inside outside or vice versa and creating truly inspirational and beautiful spaces to enjoy and add value to your home.

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Premier homes need premium insurance

Any home improvement work being undertaken in your home presents an opportune time to update your security measures. If you’re having ground or extension work done, this is a great chance to install a floor safe, equally plans to modernise a bedroom or office space could also include a professionally installed safe and whilst everyone is coming and going, why not upgrade any security systems or alarms without drawing unwanted attention?

A crucial aspect of completing any significant premier home improvements is to inform your insurer. Be sure that you have the required level of insurance in place to cover your improvements and any equipment or contents therein. At Highworth Insurance we are specialist providers of Premium Home Insurance, ensuring that your policy is as bespoke as your home. You can speak to our professional and knowledgeable advisors about your unique requirements and we can tailor a policy specifically to you.