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Jewellery Insurance – Top 5 Christmas Jewellery Presents

If you are thinking of gifting your love one with jewellery this year, here are a few all time classics with which you cannot go wrong, plus a few tips on jewellery insurance for that very special gift.

Depending on the value of the piece and your current levels of home and contents insurance, you may want to consider a stand-alone policy. Alternatively you could consult with our specialist advisors as to the benefits of an inclusive high value policy and they will happily talk you through the options.

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Top 5 Christmas jewellery presents (in no particular order…)

  • Diamond Stud Earrings
    The jewellery equivalent of the Little Black Dress and the perfect complement to said dress, diamond stud earrings are a staple of most women’s jewellery collections. Always elegant and warn with everything, they make the perfect sparkly Christmas present that she will genuinely be excited about.
  • The Classic Eternity Ring
    Traditionally given after the 1st year of marriage or the birth of a 1st child, with weddings and children being such a big deal these days, many couples often forget about the eternity ring in all the excitement. That’s not to say it should be forgotten. Especially if this year has been a special year for you, what better time to gift a very precious item that will be cherished forever.
  • Tennis Bracelet
    Simple, classic and always in style. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the tennis bracelet that has kept it in vogue for so long, but it is definitely an inspirational jewellery essential.
  • Initials
    Whether you are buying for a man or a women, something with their initials is always a good idea. Single letter pendants appear to be particularly on trend at the moment, in either gold or silver and the same can be found in cufflinks. There’s also the option of engraving a monogram to make a gift that little more personal.
  • Watches
    A watch really is the ultimate, classic Christmas gift. Again ideal for man or woman and available in every price bracket, a watch never fails to make a perfect Christmas gift, so much so that no ‘top 5 Christmas jewellery present’ list could be complete without it.
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Jewellery Insurance and your ideal gift

So you’ve found the perfect piece of jewellery and are looking forward to gifting it on Christmas day. Many fall into the trap of thinking that jewellery insurance can wait until the New Year when they can sort it out properly, however it can be argued that risks are higher around the Christmas period. Many people are away from home over Christmas, then there’s a possibility that whatever it is, it might need a slight adjustment before it fits perfectly, making it even easier to lose amongst all the excitement, glasses of fizz and excesses of wrapping paper.

As well as loss and accidental damage, there is also a nasty statistic relating to an increase in crime over the Christmas period, with break-in’s and robbery’s rife at a time when it is known there are plenty of gifts and goodies in the home. For all these reasons, it is sensible to make sure you have the correct level of jewellery insurance in place before hang your gift on the tree or giving it to Father Christmas to slip into the toe of a stocking.

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To find out more about specialist jewellery insurance and the best way to cover your valuable possessions, feel free contact our specialist advisors at Highworth Insurance.