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Insurance for unoccupied properties

Do you require unoccupied property insurance?

Highworth Insurance can offer various levels of unoccupied property insurance for all types of empty property, with just a simple phone call. Specialists in the provision of non-standard policies, we can provide flexible terms on a variety of empty home insurance policies, all designed to cover prolonged periods of vacancy.

Whatever the reason for a house being left empty, it’s crucial that insurers are informed and specialist levels of cover are put in place to protect it. This needn’t be difficult or expensive, however it is worth remembering that many insurers will refuse to pay out under the terms of a standard policy, should it come to light that the property has been left vacant.

Prime reasons for requiring unoccupied property insurance:

  • Awaiting sale
  • Undergoing works or renovation
  • Owner/relative deceased and property in probate
  • Barn conversion
  • Holiday home

The nature of the above circumstances, make it very difficult to predict precisely when the property will be occupied again. This uncertainty is something Highworth Insurance specialists are familiar with, making it easy to find the right level of empty home insurance for you.

Why do you need empty property insurance?
To many standard insurers an unoccupied house is considered high risk. An empty home is regarded as vulnerable and at greater risk of damage due to vandalism, water damage due to burst pipes and other maintenance related concerns which can escalate if left unchecked.

It is this additional risk which leads standard insurers to restrict and often revoke cover should a property be unoccupied for more than 30 days per annum.

Comprehensive cover whilst you renovate, refurbish or extend
Insuring your home whilst you undertake a major renovation or just a small extension is relatively straight forward. We can offer a number of options dependent upon the level of cover that you require. This can include:

  • The building including outbuildings, walls and garages
  • Contents cover including all the normal perils such as escape of water
  • Contract works including materials, fixtures and fitting used in the works.

A ‘FLEA’ policy and other solutions
There are numerous levels of cover available on unoccupied property insurance, depending on the level of cover you require. Full cover is often available provided the specialist insurer is fully aware of the circumstances.

However, restricted cover known as a FLEA policy may be a more cost effective solution. A typical FLEA policy insures against Fire, Lightening, Explosion and Aircraft. It may be possible to extend this to include other perils such as earthquake. It is important to check exactly what you’re getting in your cover.

At Highworth Insurance we assess each policy on a case by case basis, our Specialist Advisers will take the time to discuss your exact circumstances. We can then arrange unoccupied property insurance at highly competitive premiums.

The right protection for you

If your property will be left unoccupied for an extended length of time, there are simple steps you can take to help protect against crime that can have an influence over your policy. These include arranging for someone to regularly visit the property, fitting the latest deadlocks to all doors and key operated locks on all windows.

The best advice for anyone looking to for empty house insurance, is to speak to specialist insurers and explain the situation fully. At Highworth Insurance we are always happy to advise on the best levels of cover, the most competitive rates and the most suitable solution for you.

We would always recommend that you read policy wordings and key facts documents to fully appreciate the cover and any exclusions and limitations.

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