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Grade 1 Listed Building Insurance

Do you own a Grade 1 listed home? Highworth Insurance can provide Grade 1 listed building insurance with minimal fuss and at realistic prices.

Why do you need specialist Grade 1 listed building insurance?

Put simply the cost and time taken to repair a Grade 1 listed building is greater than that of a standard property. Examples of why this is include:

  • Sufficient cover required to repair and replace non-standard materials
  • Additional labour costs for skilled craftsmen
  • Timescales are longer due to structural work or changes being subject to rigorous permissions and consents.

Your policy should also be able to cover your costs should you have to vacate the property. For these reasons it is important to speak to a specialist insurer who can provide explicit cover for your Grade 1 listed property.

Is specialist contents cover required for Grade 1 listed buildings?

Yes. For the following reasons:

  • Modern security measures such as double glazing and window locks are simply not applicable on Grade 1 listed buildings
  • Because of this standard insurers can be reluctant to insure contents, especially if your possessions are of considerable value, for example jewellery.

A high value policy can often be the solution in cases like this, especially if you require protection for collections such as art, antiques or fine wines.

Specialist Grade 1 listed insurance for you

At Highworth Insurance our specialist advisors can advise on the most suitable Grade 1 listed building insurance policy for you. At very competitive premiums, our policies are tailored to suit your property.

At Highworth Insurance, we can sometimes provide a specialist valuation free of charge as part of your policy.

We advise you to carefully check your policy summary and policy wording for the exact cover applicable to you. Please feel free to speak to our knowledgeable advisors should you require any assistance.

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