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Whether you entertain paying guests at your bed & breakfast, teach piano or have a home based artisan craft and garden centre, we can shape a home business insurance package which will keep you covered without breaking the bank. We’ll take into account the relevant factors such as your type of business, number of visitors, whether you employ staff and the location, size and type of your property. We’ll give you an individual insurance package that makes sure that you can rest easy at nights.

If you require working from home insurance, at Highworth Insurance we can create a policy designed to suit you, your home and your business:

  • Home buildings and contents insurance to include business use, without unrealistic restrictions – even expensive jewellery or unusual buildings can be covered
  • Public liability insurance of £2m to cover injury to a visitor
  • Employee liability insurance up to £10m to cover anyone assisting you in the course of your business
  • Legal expenses support, such as a breach of the Health and Safety at work act 1974
  • Business interruption and alternative accommodation costs in the event of a relevant claim

A home and business insurance package that makes sure you’re covered

If you’re running a business from your home, then your home insurer needs to know. Quite simply if this isn’t declared and the worst happened then your insurance could be invalid. You could be facing the costs of repairs to your home and contents. Highworth Insurance can put a home business insurance package together for you that takes the worry away at a reasonable cost.

Dependent upon your circumstances, with Highworth Insurance you can select the elements of a working from home insurance package which best apply to you and your business needs.

  • Buildings insurance – full standard cover with options to include accidental damage, such as breaking sanitary wear or putting a foot through a ceiling. Unusual or listed buildings can be covered such as thatched properties. We can even cover properties that have had a history of subsidence or flooding.
  • Contents insurance – full standard cover to include accidental damage. Contents cover can include business equipment such as PC’s. If you own a bed and breakfast or guest house we can even include accidental damage and theft by guests.
  • Jewellery insurance – if you have expensive jewellery then there’s no need to worry. Remember, most insurers won’t cover expensive jewellery if you’re operating a business with people visiting your home. We can either include your jewellery in a specialist home business insurance policy or we can offer one of our standalone jewellery insurance policies.
  • Public liability insurance – most business owners know that it’s a sensible precaution to have public liability insurance. It’s particularly important that any policy covers the specific requirements of running a business from home where you receive visitors. You don’t have to fret should there be accidents, trips or slips by visitors.
  • Employee’s liability insurance – once you take on additional help then you technically become an employer. You also take on the liabilities associated with being an employer and in particular meeting the requirements of the Health and Safety at work act 1974. This could be anybody – whether a cleaner, assistant or gardener.
  • Product liability insurance gives you a safety net when the manufacturer may not be liable as you’ve sold something in an unsafe condition.
  • Legal expenses – there are options to cover just your home and domestic related matters or extend to include a full business package such as:
    • Supplier contractual disputes for the sale and supply of goods
    • Employment issues concerning contracts of employment or any employment related legislation
    • Defence of criminal prosecutions and appeals against Improvement Notices under the Health and Safety at Work Act or the Food Safety Act.

If you need to arrange home business insurance, speak to one of our knowledgeable Specialist Advisers to discuss your requirements. When it comes to working from home insurance we can offer experienced advice, competitive prices and a policy shaped to suit your circumstances.

Kindly be advised that not all options are available on all policies. We recommend that you carefully check your policy summary and policy wording for the exact cover applicable to your circumstances.

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