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Realistic insurance for homes in flood risk areas

Difficulty insuring a property in a flood risk area?

Are you having trouble getting your home insured at a competitive premium because insurers believe you are in a high risk flood area?  Have you suffered from flooding and now find your current insurer isn’t keen to renew your policy?

At Highworth Insurance we specialise in high quality and specialist home insurance.  We have a number of bespoke insurance schemes tailored just for these circumstances, all of which deliver exceptional cover at competitive prices. These schemes are generally not available in the open market and we individually underwrite each situation based on individual merits.

Highworth Insurance has access to the latest Flood Re pricing.  This assists those who have traditionally been unable to gain flood cover or suffer high policy excesses and prices.

Why postcodes can be a problem…

Almost all insurance company’s rate or potentially decline home insurance linked to the postcode of the property.    In general terms, this works reasonably well to assess risks such as theft. Unfortunately, this model often penalises home owners that lie in or near to flood zones yet stand little chance of flooding.  This occurs for two main reasons:

The average full postcode (eg BH13 7NW) has something like 16 properties contained in it.  A postcode sector (eg BH13 7–) will have around 2,500 properties within the boundary.  Unfortunately if any property within the boundary is considered a flood risk, all the buildings within that boundary are assigned a flood zone status by insurers. Although some insurers use the full postcode to reach a decision, many only rate to sectors. This leads to high numbers of homes unfairly classified as subject to flood risk.

Sadly, even the most sophisticated insurance companies have relatively poor capability to assess the risk of flooding within a full postcode.  It requires individual property underwriting that they are unwilling to invest in for a marginal increase in their business.

Preventative measures
If your home is at risk of flooding, there are a number of actions that you can take to help prevent the worst impact of flooding at your home:

  • It sounds obvious but keep up to date with flood warnings.  You can now get these texted to your mobile.
  • Buy some sandbags or modern hydrosacks to prevent water entry through doors.  Don’t forget to block air bricks as well as doors.
  • Invest in a flood gate doorway.  This can be quickly slotted into place and costs between £300 and £500.
  • Purchase a toilet sealer.  This is an important anti-flooding device for downstairs toilets where effluent waste may start to come back up. It creates a seal around the toilet pan rim to prevent the back-flow of flood and foul waste water.
  • Raise any expensive items off the downstairs floor or take them upstairs if possible.

If you would like to know if your home lies in a flood risk area then you can find this on The Environment Agency website.

Case by case basis

At Highworth Insurance we are experienced in sourcing insurance solutions for all types of non-standard property, including everything from thatched homes, timber framed builds, even properties with a history of subsidence. This is because we address these requests on a case by case basis. This is especially important when dealing with potential flood risk buildings and can make all the difference to premiums and the level of cover available.

For example, you may live in a home that is designated as in a flood risk area, but practically you know that your home stands a very low risk of flooding, i.e. you may live right next to a river that routinely floods, but your home is elevated.

Because we assess every home on an individual basis, depending on the circumstances of a flood and how long ago it occurred, we can also assist people who have suffered flooding in the past. 

We would always recommend that you read policy wordings and key facts documents to fully appreciate the cover and any exclusions and limitations.

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