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High Value Home Insurance – Trick or Treat?

Halloween is a mischievous time of year to put it mildly. Whether you’re of the opinion that it’s all a bit of fun or something more sinister, there can be no getting away from the fact that it’s gaining in popularity and invariably leads to people out and about, under the cover of darkness and possibly up to no good. So, given that Halloween is only a few weeks away, is your high value home insurance up to date?


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Tips and Tricks on surviving Halloween with a high value home

Clearly statistics vary countrywide, but one thing is clear, crime rates rise over Halloween. One of the worst times of year for vandalism and theft, there’s mayhem in the air and the perfect conditions for opportunistic criminals to take to the streets.

With Halloween looming, we thought it prudent to write about the risks and precautions associated with this season and naturally, the importance of having the correct levels of high value home insurance in place.

Sticky fingers are every collectors worst nightmare, so whether you have valuable art, antiques, jewellery or other collectables, it pays to make sure you have the correct level of cover in place to protect them. High value home insurance isn’t just for mansions, it is very often the most affordable way to protect high value items.

Malicious damage can be as costly as burglary and just as harrowing for the victims. Paying for the correct level of cover for your home, no more and no less, can take the sting out of this and significantly ease the process of claims and repairs.


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Handy hints for protecting your high value home over Halloween

  • Make sure you have nothing obstructing doors and windows such as trees and bushes – these provide convenient cover for anyone looking to break in.
  • Be sure your home is well lit. Whether you choose to light pumpkins or security lights, just make sure you shine a lot of light on the subject. Nobody likes an audience when they’re committing a crime and light is a recognised deterrent.
  • Be extra vigilant when it comes to setting home alarm systems and make sure that all doors and windows are secured.


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A Trick and Treat of our own

The Trick: are you familiar with the horrors of identity theft? It’s becoming an increasingly common problem in the UK and there are all manner of ways we can be vulnerable to it. Victims of identity theft can suffer at the hands of fraudsters, who once they have their personal details, can use their identity to perpetrate financial and other crimes, with sometimes devastating emotional and financial repercussions.

At this time of year, it can be useful to be vigilant to the fact that not all monsters look like monsters. Our modern day fiends can be every bit as thoughtless and cruel as the storybook beasts that come out at this time of year. The good news is that one of our most popular policies includes up to £25,000 of identity theft cover automatically included.

The Treat: Halloween isn’t just about ghouls, it’s also about treats, so we thought we’d mention that with our typical high value home insurance policy, there’s no need to specify art and antiques below £15,000 or jewellery below £5,000 – ensuring that your valuable ‘treats’ are covered automatically. As an additional sweetener, instant quotes are normally available for contents up to £250,000 and buildings up to £2,500,000. These ‘sweets’ might not sound exciting, but at least they won’t rot your teeth!
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