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Gemstone options for an engagement ring

gemstone options for an engagement ring[intro] Everybody thinks of a diamond ring when they think of an engagement ring, but this is only a relatively new tradition. The traditional gold band and diamond solitaire only really became popular in the 1940’s. Many women in recent years are opting for white gold or platinum bands since yellow gold fell out of fashion. It’s important to remember with engagement rings, as with any piece of jewellery, that as well as a symbol of undying love, they are also beautiful adornments and the concept of beauty changes with the ages. [/intro]

Today it is becoming increasingly popular to break with tradition and choose a coloured gemstone for an engagement ring. This is not only kinder to many future grooms’ bank accounts, but also inspired by popular culture – Kate Middleton recently married Prince William after accepting his mother’s, Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring. Sapphire is an apt choice for an engagement ring especially if it is a first marriage, as the blue stone is said to symbolise purity and spirituality.

Symbolism is everything

When it comes to engagement rings symbolism is everything. Many women are certainly not expecting big flashy diamonds and would be delighted with anything he has put considerable thought behind. One idea is to choose a ring that incorporates her birthstone, or a pearl, since pearls have long been considered the ultimate token of love.  Other options include rubies since they symbolise the heart and passion or emeralds which symbolise faithfulness and continuity.

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Finding the right insurance for your ring

Whichever option you choose, it is a good idea to source the insurance before you make the big proposal, especially if the ring is of significant value. Chat rooms and forums are full of anxious young men ready to pop the question, having bought the ring, but anxious that she’ll either be robbed or lose it before the big day!

Finding the correct engagement ring insurance can be a bit of a minefield regardless of the type of stone you are trying to insure. Very often single item polices are ludicrously expensive, whilst insurers can dramatically increase premiums if you try and add it to standard home and contents polices. My advice would be to shop around or simply ask the experts. Talk to specialist insurers experienced in high value items. For example, Highworth Insurance can advise on the best and most cost effective solution either online or over the phone.