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Top 3 expensive fitted kitchens and high value home insurance

If you are looking for the ultimate in design, the very best in master craftsmanship and an exquisite hand carved kitchen designed and built specifically for you, your home, your tastes and your lifestyle, then the following list of the top 3 fitted kitchen designers is just for you.

Obviously a bespoke, designer fitted kitchen represents a considerable investment. It is a labour of love, a work of art and can add significant value to your home. This however should be reflected in a high value home insurance policy. Unlike a work of art that is traditionally portable, a top-end luxury kitchen is protected by buildings insurance and not contents. The rule of thumb on this division is simple; if you could pick up your property and shake it, anything that fell out would be contents, anything that remained is buildings.

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The kitchen truly is the heart of the home. It is often the place most families with high value homes really live and often the last crucial element to take shape during any restoration project. Below is our list of top three expensive fitted kitchens, chosen from the UK’s best and most respected kitchen furniture designers.


Designers to some of the world’s most prestigious homes, Smallbone was the winner of the Ultimate Luxury Kitchen Award (Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards 2012), reportedly for “elevating the humble kitchen to the level of fantasy living space”.

One of Europe’s largest bespoke furniture designers, with a reputation as one of the finest suppliers of quality stone flooring, it is rumoured that famous clients include Dustin Hoffman and Oprah Winfrey. 

Mark Wilkinson

Established in 1977 and spanning four generations, Mark Wilkinson is credited the changing the perception of kitchen furniture forever with the inception of the ‘Country Living Style’ now instantly recognisable around the world.

Gary Rhodes and Antony Worrall Thompson are openly outspoken as to the quality, design and functionality of a Mark Wilkinson kitchen, whose typical clients according to the company’s marketing director, are sports stars, Russians and the business elite.

Clive Christian

Renown for timeless, elegant design, Clive Christian founded his business in 1978 when he began work renovating a late 19th century manor house in Cheshire. His designs are now well-known around the world with showrooms in London, New York and Shanghai.

Today a kitchen by the Scottish furniture designer is a status symbol and something to aspire to. Famous clients are said to include Rod Stewart and Celine Dion and designs are renown for their feature coving, carvings and Victorian-style opulence.

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High value home insurance for fitted kitchens

Quality, expensive fitted kitchen furniture of this calibre is an investment in craftsmanship and a thing of great beauty. Unlike many works of art, there is little need to protect against theft; however it is vital to have sufficient high value home insurance in place to protect against damage such as accidental, fire, and flood.

Designer fitted kitchen furniture represents hundreds of skilled man hours to perfect and can take an age to replace in the event of damage. This is why a high value policy is advisable over a standard buildings policy; with a Highworth Insurance policy you can receive up to £20million buildings insurance and will be fully supported throughout your rebuild or refit, with up to 3 years alternative accommodation provided in the event of loss of home.

If you home has been fitted with an expensive fitted kitchen, or you are thinking of investing in one, then call our team of Specialist Advisors for the latest advice on high value home insurance policies and the best competitive rates.