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Famous Five Thatched Houses

[intro]Thatch is a highly versatile roofing material popular all over the world, but for the purpose of this piece the Highworth Insurance ‘Famous Five Thatched Houses’ are all here in the UK. [/intro]

The Top Five
Homes can be famous for all sorts of reasons. Our first two famous thatched homes are famed not only for their chocolate box appearance and stunning English county gardens, but also for their famous inhabitants, namely Anne Hathaway and Thomas Hardy:

Anna Hathaway Cottage

This idyllic looking thatched farmhouse was once the family home of the future Mrs William Shakespeare. Situated in the hamlet of Shottery, a short distance from Stratford-upon-Avon, in Warwickshire, the Anne Hathaway thatched cottage is over 600 years old and still as beautiful as when the young lovers first courted in it.

Thomas Hardy Cottage

Not only was Thomas Hardy born in this cottage in 1840, but this traditional cob and thatch home was built by his grandfather. The famous novelist and poet laureate wrote several early short stories in this very house, as well as poetry and novels including ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’ and ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’.

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It seems there is something about thatched homes which stirs the creativity. Number three once was the home of Enid Blyton and apparently was where Brer Rabbit was first dreamed into being. Whether this had any impact on the recent £1.85m price tag, who can say, but as a gorgeous Grade II Listed, thatch cottage, situated in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, it is certainly worth it.


At number four are the famous Round Thatched Houses of Cornwall. Famous in this case for their unique shape, there are five Round Houses, dating back to the 19th century and all in the picturesque village of Veryan on the Roseland peninsula. Originally built for his daughters by missionary Reverend Jeremiah Trist, his thinking ran along the lines that in a round house, there were no corners in which the devil could hide. Although thatch has now very much returned to fashion, oddly the crucifix topped round houses haven’t caught on in the same way.

Round Houses

For number five we have chosen a new build and an award winner. Silver Birches is a self-build project by thatch enthusiasts Alvin Augstein and his wife, which won the 2011 award for Best Thatch Home from the National Society of Master Thatchers.

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So there you have it; our famous five thatched houses. Favorites for a variety of reasons, they all have the charm and beautiful rural aesthetics which thatched homes are famous for.

If you are lucky enough to own a thatched home, be sure to speak with our specialist advisors at Highworth Insurance, for a knowledgeable and competitive quote for thatched house insurance.