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Florist insurance designed to grow with your business

Florists insurance created to support you and your business

Whether you run a chain of successful florist shops or pour your creative talents into one special premises, at Highworth Insurance we can help you protect your business without incurring sky-high premiums. Because we can design our policies to suit your business needs, you pay for the florist insurance cover you require and no more.

As experienced insurers at Highworth Insurance we can offer florist insurance which takes into account all the details, such as the size of your business, the amount and nature of stock you carry and how many people work for you. We can help with all aspects of business protection, even if your premises is of unusual construction, for example listed, or thatched. Options can include:

  • Public liability insurance of £2m to cover injury to customers on your premises.
  • Employee liability insurance up to £10m for anyone assisting you.
  • Cover for your stock, including up to a 25% increase at seasonal times such as Valentines.
  • General business contents insurance for items such as PC’s and display units.
  • Buildings insurance for your property including any areas such as residential flats that are separately let or occupied.
  • Legal expenses offering important support in the event of prosecution, for example over breach of the Health and Safety at work act 1974.
  • Business interruption and alternative accommodation costs in the event of a relevant claim.
  • Product liability insurance up to £2m to cover the sale of unsafe goods.
  • Up to £5,000 exhibitions cover and property in transit
  • Up to £1,000 cover for loss of keys or damage to fixed signs and glass.

Florist Insurance that has all bases covered

  • Public liability insurance, ensuring your legal obligations are covered should anyone hurt themselves on your premises.
  • Employee’s liability insurance – once you employ staff it’s a legal requirement to have employee liability insurance. Your shop is a place of work for others and so is subject to health and safety legislation. In particular you have to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at work act 1974.
  • Legal expenses cover in the event of disputes, such as:
    • Supplier contractual disputes for the sale and supply of products
    • Employment issues concerning contracts of employment or any employment related legislation
    • Defence of criminal prosecutions and appeals against Improvement Notices under the Health and Safety at Work Act or the Food Safety Act.
  • Business interruption and alternative accommodation costs in the event of a relevant claim.
  • Business contents insurance – your business contents may cover a wide variety of assets. Cover can also extend to contents temporarily removed from your premises or when attending shows and exhibitions.
  • Stock insurance – cover for your stock is especially important in a wide range of circumstances. Obviously theft needs to be covered, but there’s also damage from smoke, fire, flooding and burst pipes to list just a few.
  • Product liability insurance – provides a safety net when the manufacturer may not be liable as you’ve sold something in an unsafe condition.
  • Up to £1,000 cover for loss of keys or damage to fixed signs and glass.
  • Buildings – you may own the building where you operate your retail operation. It normally makes sense to insure the complete building as part of your retail package to ensure there are no gaps in cover. This can cover rental flats and other occupied parts of the building. Options can include accidental damage, such as breaking sanitary wear or putting a foot through a ceiling can be included. Unusually constructed properties or those having a history of subsidence or flooding can often be covered with little or no increase in cost.
At Highworth Insurance we specialise in business insurance, including florists insurance and are on-hand to answer any questions you may have. Speak to our Specialist Advisors for a detailed discussion of your requirements and how we can create a policy designed around your business.

Kindly be advised that not all options are available on all policies. We recommend that you carefully check your policy summary and policy wording for the exact cover applicable to your circumstances.

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