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Bonfire Night and Thatched Roof Insurance

With Bonfire Night only just around the corner, let’s spare a thought for the thatched home owners in the UK, who may well get a bit twitchy around this time of year. If this is you, then it may be worth a quick peruse of your thatched roof insurance policy to check whether you’re covered for fireworks or stray sparks. At Highworth Insurance we specialise in thatched roof insurance, so if you’re in need of some peace of mind around November 5th please feel free to give us a call.


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Remember, Remember … your thatched roof insurance

It’s not surprising that thatched roof owners may get nervous at this time of year. After all specialist thatched roof insurance exists in part, because thatched roofs are notoriously flammable. Although advancements in thatching techniques have gone a long way to reduce the number of thatched related fires, if a thatched roof does catch fire, very often the whole roof goes up in flames, causing catastrophic damage with severe financial repercussions.


With this in mind, naturally a celebration which involves homemade bonfires and domestic fireworks, is not the best set of circumstances for those with thatched roofs.

It’s not all as bad news

Believe it or not, although it sounds like a recipe for disaster, statistically bonfire night has very little effect on overall recorded thatched fires. Staggeringly heat transference through chimneys accounts for roughly 90% of thatched roof fires, leaving only approximately 10% for other factors such as stray sparks.


This low statistic isn’t as unusual as it first sounds. Although fireworks, sparks and bonfires seem like a bad combination with thatched roofs, thatch is in fact far more resilient than many people assume. Even if you were unlucky enough to have a rogue firework land on your thatch, chances are slight that it would actually set your roof ablaze.


Firstly, the weather is on our side at this time of year. November in the UK is characteristically damp, especially in the evenings, which is a blessing in disguise for thatched roof owners. Secondly, good thatch is so tightly packed it is actually rather hard set fire to it. The best example of this would be the difference in trying to set fire to a closed book rather than loose pages – try to set fire to a damp, closed book and you’d have next to no chance.


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Thatched roof insurance and peace of mind

So there you have it, fear not owners of thatched roofed homes, chances are very low that your thatch is at risk during bonfire night celebrations. That said, you can never be too careful, so here are 3 handy tips when preparing for bonfire night:


  • If you (or your neighbours) are planning a bonfire, if possible ensure that it is at least 100m from your home.
  • Check the wind. Ideally you want the prevailing wind to be heading away from your property. Never light a bonfire in strong winds.
  • Make sure your thatched roof insurance policy is up-to-date. If in doubt, check it out.


Our Account Managers are knowledgeable in this area and are more than happy to discuss your thatched roof insurance policy with you. They can advise you on the correct and most competitive levels of cover for your thatched home and offer honest and experienced advice on the most suitable policies for you. Call us on: 01202 937430 to discuss.