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Black Diamond Ring Insurance

Currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity as a precious stone for designer jewellery and engagement rings, the bold statement of a black diamond is attracting women looking for something different, individual and  of course, beautiful.

Due to the value of these impressive and quite rare stones, particularly if they have been incorporated into jewellery such as a ring or similar small and intricate article, insurance is crucial. As a specialist item, seek specialist insurance and advice. Make sure that you have a comprehensive policy that covers the stone anywhere in the world. Highworth Insurance are familiar with black diamond ring insurance and can provide a competitive quote alongside knowledgeable advice on the subject.  

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Also known as a Carbonado diamond, the black diamond has been shrouded in myth, mystery and superstition for centuries.  Although, given the striking black colour, these diamonds often have ominous, serpentine and gothic connotations; they are also revered by many cultures.  For example, in Italy it is believed that if a couple touch a black diamond, the stone will absorb their problems and heal their marriage, whilst the 88 carat Karloff Noir black diamond, is believed to exude good luck, fortune and happiness. 

Famous Owners
A popular stone within men’s jewellery across Europe, aside from their own intrinsic value, the black colour makes them the ideal and striking contrast to white diamonds and therefore highly prized by jewellery designers.

Carmen Electra notably flaunted a black diamond engagement ring, as did the fictional and highly emulated character of Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex in the City films. Rumours are also circulating that should Robert Patterson ever propose to on and off screen romantic interest Kristen Stewart, it will be with a black diamond and ruby ring of his own design; the unusual stones chosen to symbolise the rarity of their love… Historical owners include Louis XVIII and the famous diamond connoisseur, the Duke of Brunswick, who was believed to have appreciated five black diamonds in his extensive collection.

Interesting Facts
Unlike traditional white diamonds which are comprised completely of carbon atoms, black diamonds achieve their colour by the addition of hydrogen atoms within their molecular makeup. This colour can be manmade by subjecting a clear diamond to extreme heat and irradiation, however true black diamonds are all the more valuable due to the belief that they were not formed on earth, but rather are pieces of a giant asteroid which fell to earth 2.8million years ago. This is supported by black diamonds only being found in Central Africa and Brazil and that they are not formed as traditional diamonds are, by time and immense pressure.  

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Black Diamond Ring Insurance
Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and colours; aside from the traditional clear diamonds, yellow, pink and blue stones are all highly sought after and prised within the jewellery business. The black diamond is a rarity; distinctly unusual and a real talking point. When it comes to choosing a black diamond ring you must forget all you know about the four C’s since they are graded on a completely different scale.

Because of this, their usual nature and the scarcity of black diamond jewellery, make sure that you are dealing with a specialist jeweller, a specialist valuer and of course, a specialist insurer.

They may be one of the hardest substances found on earth, but they can still get lost, they can still be stolen and they still need insuring.  If you are lucky enough to own a black diamond, be it an engagement ring or any other piece of jewellery, speak to one of our Specialist Advisors at Highworth Insurance about finding a suitable and competitive quote.